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NAVO Tour,1-1-503,
Fushan International Building,
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About NAVO(1993-2018)

NAVO-Top Adventure & Special tourism company in China
NAVO-Primary in-country agency in China for most Adventure &
          Special tourism companies in the world

◆NAVO( Nature Adventure Voyage Off-road):

Since 1993, NAVO has begun to receive foreign tourists to do outdoor tour; expedition; scientific research and special tour in China. We embark on diversiform adventure tours, such as Trekking; Off-road travel; Self-driving tour; Students Expedition & Volunteer project; photography tour; bird-watching tour; Running tour; Cycling tour; Martial arts learning tour, etc.. We always dedicate ourselves to perfect the Chinese adventure tour project and promote special tourism.

We are engaged in the following work:
- To learn from the world excellent outdoor adventure travel experience;
- To introduce Chinese Adventure tourism resources to the world;
- To work with overseas partners to design and explore new itineraries;
- To cultivate Chinese excellent outdoor organizers and assistants;
- To develop new Outdoor tourism products;
- To build "NAVO" as an honest brand of the world;
- To provide most professional outdoor adventure travel service.

◆Main operation:

Trekking Tour,  
Off-road Tour,
Self-driving Tour,
Photography Tour.

In 2011, we have received 85 special groups(Trek,self-driving,off-road…)
In 2009, we have accepted 68 special groups(Trek,self-driving,off-road…)
In 2007, we have accepted 72 special groups(Trek,self-driving,off-road…)
In 2005, we have accepted 44 special groups(Trek,self-driving,off-road…)

Trekking Tour-since 1993, we have begun to organize foreign tourists to do trekking in China

Routes Cover:
Sichuan, Tibet, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Beijing, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangsu, Hebei, Fujian, Jiangxi, etc.. By the end of 2011, NAVO has received more than 400 trekking groups in total, and all the members came from Europe, Asia and the United States…

Click below to find out more:
Trekking itinerary: http://china-birding.com/en/itineraries/trekking/

NAVO, take you to the most in-depth places of China

▼Off-road Tour-since 1993, we have begun to organize the off-road tour.

Main Routes:
Sichuan-Tibet (North & South) high way, Yunnan-Tibet high way, Qinghai-Tibet high way, Xinjiang-Tibet high way, Nepal-Tibet high way, Kham and Amdo region, Tibet Ali (Large & Small circle Lines); Silk Road, Southern & Northern Xinjiang, Taklimakan Desert off-road travel, Badain Jaran Desert off-road trips…

Click below to find out more:
Off-road itinerary: http://china-birding.com/en/itineraries/overland/

NAVO, make you enjoy beautiful landscapes of all the corners of China

Self-driving tour

Foreign vehicle self-driving tour (Foreigners driving foreign vehicles around
NAVO is one of the earliest In-country Agents who organize foreigners to travel in China by driving their own vehicles(1994-). NAVO is known as "The Most Professional Organizer of Self-driving Tour in China”. NAVO's experience of arranging self-driving tour started in 1994, and our groups have already successfully got through most of China land and marine ports. Our Customers are from Germany, France, Italy, Austria, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Korea, India, Malaysia and other countries; Team running area had covered more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions of China, meanwhile, vehicles drove by our guests include 4WD, SUV, sedan, classic car,motor homes,truck,motorcycle, etc.. The number of vehicles varies from each group. The largest group organized by NAVO involves more than thirty vehicles.

How to achieve driving your vehicles in China, please visit our website:
Introduction: http://china-birding.com/en/itineraries/driving/
Team photo: http://china-birding.com/en/album/driving/

NAVO, different travel mode, different life

Chinese vehicle self-driving Tour:( Foreigners driving Chinese vehicles around China and its neighbors):

In 2007, we successfully launched the "Foreigners driving Chinese vehicles in China". Up to now, we have already operate such kind of tour in Sichuan/Yunnan/Qinghai/Gansu and other provinces of China
In 2009, we began to promote the brand-new tourism product, which is organizing foreigners driving Chinese vehicles to visit neighbors of China. So far, we have already successfully arranged foreign guests to driving to Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, etc..
By the end of 2011, NAVO have organized more than 45 groups of Chinese vehicle self-driving tour. Guests were from Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong, Canada, Taiwan and so on.

How to achieve driving Chinese rental vehicles in China, please visit our website:

▼Students Expedition & Volunteer Project:

In 2007, we successfully launched all kinds of student tour projects in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangxi, Shaanxi, etc.. They include Student Adventure/Student Challenge/Student Volunteer/Experiencing Rural Ecological Culture. Every year, there are 180 - 240 students heading to China and joining these projects organized by NAVO. We are still expecting more foreign students can take part in these programs, which can help them to strengthen mutual understanding with Chinese students by communicating with each other.

How to achieve participating student projects in China, please visit our website:
Introduction: http://china-birding.com/en/ itineraries/students-adventure/
Photo:http://china-birding.com/en/album/students-adventure /


Photography Tour:

In 2000, we started to organize Photographic Tour. Groups mainly concentrated in the western provinces of China. NAVO has successfully organized the professional photography teams to visit Sichuan, Yunnan, Qinghai, Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, etc.. Guests were from the mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and France. Many of them are the influential regional photographers, and photography Association members, such as, the French "Le Figaro" and "Grande Reportage" foreign media photographers.

Other special tours:

As a professional travel company, we insist on constantly Introducing new tourism products; adhere to display the best China to the guests. Each year, we launch some new and exclusive tours, such as Ethnic Festivals, Observe total solar eclipse, Horseback-riding Tour, and so on.

◆NAVO Memorabilia

1993, the first Trekking Tours (members from France)
1993, the first 4WD overland tour (members from France)
1993, the first Mountaineering tour (members from Hong Kong, China)
1994, the first overland tour along Sichuan-Tibet South High Way (members from France)
1994, the first foreign self-driving tour by own car (members from Germany)
1998, the first Martial arts studying Tour (members from Germany)
1998, the first overland tour along Sichuan-Tibet North High Way (members from France)
2000, the first photographic tour (members from China)
2003, the first bird-watching tour (members from the United Kingdom)
2006, the first Running Tour for breaking the record (members from France)
2007, the first trekking tour for blind men (members from France)
2007, the first Chinese Vehicle Self-driving tour by foreigners (members from Switzerland)
2009, the first foreigner driving Chinese Vehicle tour to Southeast Asia countries (members from Switzerland)

◆NAVO Words:

Through years’ cooperation with many professional explorers and foreign adventure travel agencies and clubs, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in outdoor tour organization, and have formed a professional outdoor tourism work team having our own style. Nearly more than 30,000 group-running photos show our growth. We believe that NAVO, who is professional and honest and who always takes service as the first, would like to be the friend with all the tourists who love outdoor adventure, and is willing to make a contribution to promoting the development of Chinese outdoor adventure tourism.

◆NAVO Motto:

Professional, Integrity, Service-orientated

Choose China, Choose NAVO!

Exploring China, Choose NAVO!

Choose NAVO to realize Adventure in China!



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